Mobile App Design

On my 1st year of media design, I was introduced to Adobe XD, where I focused solely on the UI aspect of the smart fridge app. Mobile app design was my 3rd year subject choice within media design. This subject has allowed me to learn more on UI/UX design.  I’ve learned to create smooth flows for the concentration app and the medication app through the methods below:

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Mindmapping, target group research, deskresearch, sketching, creating states, flowchart and workchart, wireframes (XD and Marvel app), app layout.

  • Functional Prototype

    Empathy map, surveys/interviews with target group, user journey, features and function research, creating stylecards and A/B or design/function testing phases.

  • Clickable Prototype

    More testing phases, first visual designs, platform tests, animation with XD, addition of extra elements.

  • Detailed Prototype

    Fine tuning of design, adjustments, testing.

Final Year Mobile App Design Assignment

Calming App for ISALA

For my mobile app exam, we were given an assignment from an external client, ISALA who asked the exam candidates to design a calming app for their patients. This is because the patients do not have a portable way of accessing their exercises and the app was very necessary. Below are the designs I've made for the assignment and eventually, ISALA chose for my design to further into development.

Mobile App Design Assignments