SiC Gamelab

About the company

SiC Gamelab is a company which makes games and apps for people with disabilities. 

I interned at SiC Gamelab from February 2022 to April 2022 as a game artist. It was a very unique internship as I have the opportunity to interact with people with severe disabilities and get to learn of their traits and their personalities. It also helps me to understand what goes on within the development of an app that we're making for them. Aside from app/game development through this internship, I also helped with designing and building of the website.

Voiceplay App

This app is designed to encourage a handicapped person to interact through their voice. They would see the images appear on the screen when they make a sound. I was tasked with making the game assets – such as the images and the buttons as well as the sliders and icons. The app is available for download via the Google Play Store


I gave a new look to the website because the previous website had a lot of problems and it was not very easy to navigate through. I also manage to make some games/apps playable on the website through the use of WebGL as the games/apps were made with Unity. Overall, the website is to be kept simple; so that users could find for the information easily and could try out the games/apps that we’ve made too.